If you have any issue with you WingQuad system, including startup problems, accidents, landing damage, motor dirt, etc.  perform the following steps.

  1. Retrieve and send the last onboard LOG, preflight Pictures, Flight Logs and Battery Log, and problem description including detailed pictures, in a single email to info@latitudeas.com. (If this information is not sent, the WQ TEMPORARY REPLACEMENT POLICY will not apply)

  2. Put all System components onto the shipping case. (Do NOT Ship: Batteries,  and sensors/cameras of any kind as these items are not included in the WQ TEMPORARY REPLACEMENT POLICY.

  3. Request a shipping address from LAS.  (should be you closest local distributor.)

  4. Once the shipping Case is received with all required components. A TEMPORARY REPLACEMENT UNIT, will be shipped back to you within 72 hours of receipt and if all components are complete.

  5. Once all the components are checked, a determination will be made if the issue is covered by WARRANTY under the WARRANTY AND POST SALES POLICIES, or NOT.

  6. If the issue is covered by WARRANTY, the fixing process will start and an estimated return date will be given. 

  7. If the issue is not covered by WARRANTY, and detailed repair quote will be made, and sent with an estimated delivery date. The repair cost will need to be payed by the customer within 72 hours of request, otherwise the license on the TEMPORARY REPLACEMENT UNIT will be suspended, making the unit unusable, until payment is received.

  8. Once payment is received, the repair will start and once completed, the client will be notified.

  9. The TEMPORARY REPLACEMENT UNIT will need to be shipped back to the Distributor, and once it is received, the ORIGINAL REPAIRED unit will be shipped back to the client. 

  10. The TEMPORARY REPLACEMENT UNIT will be property of LATITUDE AEROSPACE SOLUTIONS INC, at all times, and cannot have any comercial use.  The responsibility during the operation of the TEMPORARY REPLACEMENT UNIT is of the client operating the Unit, and in no cases can be transferred to LATITUDE AEROSPACE SOLUTIONS INC.

  11. All shipping costs from the DISTRIBUTOR to the CLIENT will be covered by the DISTRIBUTOR. All shipping costs from the CLIENT to the DISTRIBUTOR will be covered by the CLIENT. All Shipping must include damage Insurance.



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