Largest Orthomosaic Produced by Drones

LAS produced the largest orthomosaic ever created by drones and modern photogrammetry in South America. Achieving a precision below 20 cm of error in the x,y coordinates, it has become a referent for many service providers in the region. This project was produced for the city of Francisco de Orellana located in the ecuadorian amazon.

Perimeter Topography of Dams

We flew over 15,000 hectares of land and water to update the perimeter topography of a system of dams. The results obtained were: contour lines, digital terrain models, digital surface models, point clouds and orthomosaics. These are the biggest systems of dams in Latin America located along the coast of Ecuador:  LA ESPERANZA, POZO HONDA, SAN VICENTE, EL AZÚCAR, CHONGÓN, TAHUÍN and COLA

Tailored Drone Solution for EPA (Public Company)

Back in 2017, LAS delivered a tailored drone solution for the Water Public Company (EPA). The goal was to estimate the amount of water that crops along the fresh water systems are consuming. Some of these crops are small as 10 hectares and others over 200 hectares. LAS provided fixed-wing and VTOL drones equipped with multispectral and thermal cameras along with an special algorithm to estimate the Crop Water Stress Index, Water Requirement and Consumption.

Emergency Response

Back in 2016, a series of earthquakes shacked the earth in South America leaving coastal cities devastated. LAS deployed our fleet of drones and mapped this entire cities in a matter of minutes providing the necessary intel for ground emergency responders to clear the paths and roads and aid the affected population. 

Nightime and Security Operations

Some of our clients require to transport valuable goods day and night. LAS provides added safety to their shipments by scanning the routes where their mobilization takes place and reports back any anomalies on the way. High definition, zoom equipped and thermal cameras are mounted in our fixed-wing VTOL drones to perform this operations.

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