professional services

we specialize ourselves in large scale, complex projects where our expertise, our own fleet of drones, local technical service and experience make the difference.

  • Topography: Large extensions, measurements, contour lines, digital terrain models and more.

  • Cadaster: Urban & Rural. Over 3.500 hectares of cities mapped and +16.000 hectares of rural areas.

  • Environmental Studies: Environmental studies required for certifications for natural resources exploitation projects (mining, oil)

  • Inspection and Surveillance: We provide security reports of areas of interest using night vision sensors and long endurance drones.

  • Remote Sensing: We use specialized sensors like hyperspectral cameras integrated in our drones to acquire information from areas that are hard to reach.



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Perú:         Lima

Ecuador:   Quito, Guayaquil

USA:         Miami


Perú:        +51 932414154

Ecuador:  +593 9 99307314

USA:         +1 347 960 6444


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