Orthomosaic Produced by Drones

Exceptional Details – Orthomosaic Produced by Drones

At LAS Inc, we strive to provide our customers with drones that can provide them with information and data in a way that fits their needs. There are many reasons to invest drone technology – such as to track the topographical area of a rural area or to conduct an environmental study of a location for a mine. Yet, for others, there are different types of data necessary. Our team offers a range of solutions, including orthomosaic produced by drones.

Orthomosaic Produced By Drones

An orthomosaic map is one that provides a very accurate and detailed photo that represents an area. It is created by using many smaller photos of an area. We have drones that are able to take all of those small photos that are captured individually and then stitch them together to create a larger, detailed map. These maps are very accurate and can be used for a wide range of things. When you need to cover a large area and have very detailed imaging for it, you will want to learn how this type of solution can work for you.

Perimeter Topography of Dams

We also have drones with the ability to produce perimeter topography of dams and other structures. A perimeter topography of dams can provide insight into the embankment and the structure itself. It can be used, and often is, for the construction of a new dam. It can be used to determine the best place to position such dams as well as provide the data for the project itself. This type of insight can be valuable in avoiding common mistakes and costly concerns down the road.

Geo-Spatial Information Drones

The term geo-spatial is often used in conversation about large swaths of land. Geo-spatial technology and geographic information system (GIS) are terms used to describe one of the most exciting and newest areas of data gathering. This technology allows for the gathering of key data of a region that can then be used in analysis and various models. These geo-spatial information drones can be used in simulations and visualizations. It helps to bring very specific areas to life within a computer or software program so that you can use it and manipulate it in various ways, often to find a solution to a problem or to solve a puzzle about space.

How We Can Help You

From our crop spraying drones to our geo-spatial drones, we offer solutions to improve efficiency and quality of data acquisition while increasing safety and speedy services. Whether you are in need of a crop spraying drone or other, the drones that we offer are always done with exact detail and the most accurate drone technology we offer. 

If you are constructing a new project, working to consider the placement of a dam, or you need a large photo of acres of land, but you need it to be very detailed and expansive, check out the drones that we offer. We offer the types of technology you need to answer your questions, no matter how difficult or complex those questions may be. Check out our selection of drones or find out how we can help you today.